Amazon Fresh supermarkets to be launched

During the global pandemic, Amazon has seen is profits soar due to increases in online spending. This has triggered new plans, one of which is a new concept called “Amazon Fresh”.  

In a blog post, the company announced that it will be launching it very own supermarket. Described as a “supermarket of the future”, Amazon fresh stores will be similar to other grocery store, but with one key difference – they will be designed around technology. 

The first of these stores is due to be opened very soon in Los Angeles metro. Amazon already owns a grocery business called Whole Foods Market, which was built to be appealing to customers looking for organic and natural products. 

How will it work? 

Unlike traditional grocery stores, Amazon fresh aims to make shopping more convenient for consumers. It will do this by using technology to speed up the experience and make it simpler and quicker for customers to buy the supplies they need. 

One example of this is the Amazon Echo Show. This will help shoppers find particular items by adding smart displays throughout the store. This will guide them towards the location of the products they’re looking for. 

In addition to this, shopping carts will have an Amazon Dash Cart that scans items automatically and links them to online shopping lists. Plus, it will provide automated checkout services. 

Consumers will be able to link this to their Amazon app. By logging in, items will be scanned and recorded, and produce items will be weighed automatically and the price updated. 

The future of Amazon

In the last few years, Amazon has announced a string of new technologies to boost its services. 

For instance, it will be launching a project to allow payments by hand prints, as well as the option for cash and digital payments for customers using Amazon Go convenience stores. 

Furthermore, Amazon has plans to expand even further in future. As well as Whole Foods and Amazon Go chains, it plans to open at least six new Amazon Fresh stores in the near future – three in California and three in Illinois. 

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