Amazon announces its next project: payment by handprints

As Amazon continues looking to give consumers more choice in terms of payment options, a report in the Wall Street Journal has suggested that it could be developing a new method – handprints.

This would mean customers making a payment in a brick-and-mortar store could, in the future, simply wave their wand.

The report says that Amazon is currently developing this technology, which would work by linking people’s card information to their hand so they can checkout without needing a card or cash on them.

So, how would this payment method work?

According to the sources cited in the Wall Street Journey, the technology that’s being developed at the moment would probably require specific checkout terminals to make it work properly.

It’s currently believed that Amazon would be looking to roll-out these terminals to a small number of retail outlets to start, including coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and other retail locations. It could then possibly be extended to all retailers, if successful.

When could this become reality, then? The answer to this question isn’t too clear. However, people that are familiar with the project say that Amazon is already working alongside Visa in testing the new terminals. They also say that the company is planning to do the same with Mastercard sometime in the near future.

In addition, other card issuers like JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are currently in talks with the retailer to discuss supporting the financial aspects of the development.

Amazon has been pushing for greater presence in the physical retail industry after its major success in the online world. It has recently opened its Amazon Go stores, which includes its Amazon PayCode and allows shoppers to pay for purchases in cash before collecting.

Plus, the company says it’s considering opening a line of supermarkets this year, as well as expanding the number of Amazon Go stores by placing them in movie theatres, airports, and other locations.

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