Amazon Prime announces a new grocery delivery plan 

Amazon Prime has announced a new subscription plan for members who use its grocery service. The scheme promises unlimited grocery deliveries for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Under this program, Prime members can benefit from having their grocery orders over the current $35 threshold delivered without incurring any extra charges.

The subscription also comes bundled with an additional perk—unrestricted access to pick up grocery orders of any size conveniently. The initial launch of this service has taken place in Columbus, Ohio, Sacramento, California, and Denver. 

The success and feedback from these pilot locations will influence Amazon’s decision to expand to more cities nationwide. If it goes well, consumers across the country could have access to the scheme in the near future. 

While this grocery delivery plan is great for consumers trying to lower their grocery delivery costs, the company has pointed out that the $9.99 monthly subscription fee is supplementary to the existing Prime membership cost. 

Prime members opting for the unlimited grocery delivery service will need to pay a $9.99 monthly fee and either $14.99 per month or $139 annually for their Prime membership.

Amazon’s approach to grocery delivery pricing has changed a lot this year. In January, the company revised its order minimum for grocery delivery fees, raising it from $35 to $150. Additionally, delivery fees were contingent on the amount spent on Amazon Fresh, with larger orders translating to lower delivery charges.

In August, Amazon extended its grocery delivery services to non-Prime members. Although non-Prime members gained access to Amazon’s extensive grocery offerings, their delivery fees were much higher, ranging between $7.95 and $13.95. 

“We’re always experimenting with features to make shopping easier, faster, and more affordable, and we look forward to hearing how members who take advantage of this offer respond,” Tony Hoggett, senior vice president of worldwide grocery stores for Amazon, said in a statement. 

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