Netflix announces plans to expand into gaming 

Despite losing some of its subscribers recently, Netflix has remained a leader in the video streaming industry. In the last few years, the company has been trying to expand into the world of gaming and has made several strategic acquisitions of game studios. This positions Netflix to create games that complement its video content. 

Currently, Netflix offers more than 70 different titles for members of its ad-free subscription tier. Subscribers can soon anticipate games based on popular streaming hits such as “Squid Game”, “Cobra Kai”, or “Stranger Things.” Additionally, Netflix is developing the Netflix Stories app, a collection of interactive narrative games.

Recent reports, including in the Wall Street Journal, have also suggested that Netflix is also exploring a licensing deal to develop a game based on the highly popular “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. 

However, this raises the question: Can a company primarily known for its focus on movies successfully compete with industry giants like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft? Can Netflix truly become an “everything for everyone” platform, as it claims?

One of the major challenges Netflix must address is the issue of latency – the delay or lag that can occur during gameplay streaming. Creating seamless gaming experiences on televisions is another complex task. In essence, Netflix needs to start with more casual games before advancing to story-driven experiences, as current TV technology may not fully support the latter.

The future of streaming platforms venturing into gaming remains uncertain. Apptopia data indicates that Netflix games have been downloaded approximately 70.5 million times worldwide as of September 20. However, this number represents less than 1% of Netflix’s 238 million subscribers, who engage with the platform’s games on a daily basis. 

These figures may not be particularly enticing for potential competitors, especially considering how hard it is to reach the massive player base enjoyed by games like “Candy Crush Saga.”

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