Toys R Us announces its latest comeback plans after bankruptcy 

Over the past six years, Toys R Us has experienced numerous store closures and bankruptcy filings. However, more recently, the company has enjoyed a resurgence with collaborations with Macy’s and special holiday season sales. They have also unveiled plans for an airport-based location set to open during the upcoming holiday season.

Toys R Us has now disclosed its ambitious strategy to launch two dozen stores across the United States. These stores will not only include traditional brick-and-mortar locations but also pop up in airports and on cruise ships.

The rollout of these new stores is expected to start sometime next year and will be facilitated by a partnership with Go! Retail Group.

The first store in this expansion initiative is scheduled to open this November at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Although the exact details of other locations and cruise line partnerships remain undisclosed, the broader plan is to introduce more stores throughout 2024.

These newly established Toys R Us locations, whether regional or travel-oriented, will be tailored to suit their specific surroundings. For example, the Dallas store will feature exclusive merchandise unique to the region, while cruise ship passengers can expect to find items and toys with cruise-related themes that won’t be found elsewhere.

These fresh Toys R Us flagship stores will coexist with the existing 452 Macy’s pop-up stores. The first of these flagship stores was constructed in the American Dream mall in New Jersey in 2021, boasting a spacious 20,000 square feet. 

The objective of these new flagship stores is, according to the company to create an immersive customer experience centered around the world of toys.

In a statement, the chairman and CEO of WHP Globa noted, “The Toys R Us brand is growing fast and our expansion into air, land, and sea is a testament to the brand’s strength. Since acquiring Toys R Us, we have increased our global retail footprint by more than 50% with openings in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Dubai, and Mexico.

We now have over 1,400 stores and e-commerce sites across 31 countries, and as we head into 2024, we are excited to bring Toys R Us to consumers everywhere, whether you’re visiting one of our stores at Macy’s, our flagships, in an airport, or onboard a cruise ship.”

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