How to find somewhere to rent when you have pets

If you’ve ever looked for somewhere to rent that accepts pets, you’ll know how much of a challenge it can be. For many pet owners, finding a pet-friendly rental can be a nightmare.

However, with the right approach and knowledge, you can make renting with pets become a smoother and much more successful process.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to navigate the rental market and secure a pet-friendly home that accommodates both you and your beloved furry friend.

Start early and research thoroughly

The key to finding a pet-friendly rental is to start your search early and conduct thorough research. Many landlords have different policies when it comes to allowing pets, so take the time to browse online listings, contact local real estate agents, and explore pet-friendly rental websites. Pay attention to specific pet policies, such as breed restrictions, weight limits, and additional pet deposits or fees.

Prepare a pet resume

To make a positive impression on potential landlords, you can create a pet resume. Include information such as their breed, age, size, and any training or certifications they have received. Provide references from previous landlords or neighbors who can vouch for your pet’s good behavior and responsible ownership. A pet resume demonstrates that you are a responsible pet owner and can help landlords feel more confident in renting to you.

Offer to pay additional deposits or fees

To address concerns regarding potential pet-related damages, offer to pay an additional pet deposit or pet fee. This shows your commitment to covering any damages or extra cleaning required when you move out. Being willing to invest financially in your pet’s presence can help alleviate concerns and increase your chances of securing a rental.

Obtain pet references and vet records

Just as you may provide personal references to landlords, it can be beneficial to gather pet references as well. Ask your current or previous neighbors, pet sitters, or trainers to provide references that highlight your pet’s good behavior and compatibility with a rental environment. Additionally, have your pet’s veterinary records readily available to showcase that they are up to date on vaccinations and have received regular veterinary care.

Create a pet agreement

Consider creating a pet agreement that outlines your responsibilities as a pet owner. This agreement can include rules such as regular flea control, proper waste disposal, and obedience training. Presenting a pet agreement to potential landlords demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a clean and well-behaved pet within their property.

Set up a meeting

When you find a potential rental property, request a meeting with the landlord or property manager to introduce them to your pet. This allows them to see firsthand how well-behaved and friendly your pet is, potentially dispelling any concerns they may have had. It’s essential to arrive prepared, with your pet on a leash or in a carrier, and to respect any guidelines or restrictions the landlord may have regarding the meeting.

Get renters insurance

Renter’s insurance is a valuable investment for any tenant, especially those with pets. It provides liability coverage in case your pet accidentally damages the property or causes harm to someone else. Having renters insurance with pet liability coverage can give landlords peace of mind knowing that any potential incidents are financially protected.

Renting with pets doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following these tips, you can significantly increase your chances of finding a pet-friendly rental. Remember to communicate openly and honestly with landlords, demonstrating your responsibility as a pet owner.

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