JUUL agrees to $255 million settlement in class-action lawsuit 

After recently facing a lawsuit over misleading advertising practices, many JUUL customers will soon receive compensation after the company agreed to a $255 million settlement. 

JUUL was sued by plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit in 2019, after being accused of concealing the nature of its products and targeting teenagers in its marketing practices. 

Although originally developed as a tool to help current smokers reduce the harm caused by tobacco, JUUL and several other manufacturers have been accused of aiming some of their products at young people who had never smoked. 

The lawsuit was started by the parent of an 18-year who died after developing “breathing complications” after “becoming intensely addicted” to a JUUL product. After this, the company agreed to stop advertising in the US and to limit its products to be less appealing to teens. 

After several years, JUUL has now agreed to a settlement to resolve the ongoing case, although it didn’t admit to any wrongdoing. 

Any current or former users of JUUL e-cigarettes can apply to receive a share of the $255 million settlement, as long as they purchased the product before December 7th, 2022. There isn’t any estimate for the payout amounts yet. 

Having proof of purchase could mean a larger payout in some cases, but it may not be needed to make a claim. Those eligible for compensation will be paid depending on a variety of factors, including: 

  • How much they spent on their vaping products in total 
  • Whether the consumer was underage at the time 
  • The date of purchase – purchases between 2015 and 2018 could receive more 
  • Whether the consumer has receipts or proof of purchase – e-cigarettes purchased directly on the JUUL website don’t require proof of purchase as they are recorded

The lawsuit states: “You may submit a claim if you are an individual who purchased a JUUL Product in the United States before December 7, 2022, from a retail store, an online store or the JUUL website. Claims must be submitted online or postmarked by July 14, 2023. Claim Forms received after the deadline will be deemed untimely and may not be accepted.”

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