Amazon announces an expansion of one of its most popular features 

Amazon has announced that it will be expanding its popular Buy with Prime service by the month’s end after finding it is beneficial to its sellers and consumers. 

Buy with Prime allows shoppers to make purchases with retailers outside of Amazon, whilst still keeping the benefits of their Prime membership, like easy returns and faster delivery times. 

The feature works by allowing the retailer to add “Buy with Prime” to their storefront along with the existing checkout options. Then, the customer is directed to their Amazon account where they can select their payment and shipping information from their Prime account. 

This benefits businesses as it helps them to grow their online store further by offering a seamless and familiar checkout experience with Amazon prime benefits. 

It also has advantages for consumers, as it allows them to use their Amazon Prime benefits with other online stores and improves trust, as they know that they will receive fast, free shipping with transparent delivery times as well as free returns on eligible orders.

Buy with Prime expansion 

Although the holiday shopping rush is over, Amazon says it hopes to continue making shopping easier and more convenient for anyone with a Prime membership. 

One way it will do this is by expanding its Buy with Prime feature, which was originally launched in April 2022, but has only been available to selected retailers so far.  

By the end of the month, the service will be extended so it’s available to any eligible retailer that signs up for the service. This will mean Prime members can get their membership benefits on a wider range of retailers and products. 

Another part of the expansion will be that Amazon reviews will be available on other retailers’ online stores, which could help shoppers feel more confident in their purchases, and could also mean more sales for online retailers. 

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