How do you know if spyware is on your phone?

Are you worried that your phone might be spying on you? Malware has been a threat for many years, but analysts now believe that the number of cases is surging. 

According to Malwarebytes, there were 77% more downloads of malicious software in 2021 than in 2020, with the number of threats reaching around 150 million. 

Downloading malware can mean everything you do online is tracked. Despite carriers like Apple and Google taking steps to protect users, like Lockdown Mode, efforts have been slow. 

So, how can users determine whether there is spyware on their phones? Here are the top five warning signs according to Cybersecurity experts from VPNOverview

1. Slow performance 

If your device is always slow, this could be a sign of malware. When spyware is downloaded on a phone, it’s always uploading information to an external server, which affects performance. 

To make sure this isn’t happening, the experts recommend that you check for any unfamiliar apps and delete anything that seems suspicious. You can also check for hidden apps using trusted antivirus software to scan your device. 

2. Unusual overheating 

In warmer weather, it’s more common for devices to overheat. But, if you find your device overheating when it shouldn’t, it could be because of a malicious app. 

If spyware is running in the background on your phone, this can cause it to overheat much faster, even when it’s on standby, and this can be a huge red flag. 

3. Phone rebooting 

If your phone keeps rebooting at random without your permission, this can mean it’s overheating or the system is updating. 

However, it can also indicate that there is malware, as reboots can be a sign that someone has gained access to the device. If you’re not sure, updating your operating system and deleting suspicious apps can help to detect this. 

4. Unusual texts 

Another sign that hackers are trying to access your information is receiving strange text messages that try to detect your location or take control of the device. 

If you receive any messages that seem unusual, these should be ignored, especially if they contain links, as these can allow hackers to access your phone. 

5. Higher data usage 

Lastly, if your data usage is higher than expected, this can be a cause for concern. As with slower performance, it can be a sign that information is being uploaded. 

If there’s no reason for your data usage to be high, like watching loads of videos or playing online games, this could be a sign that something suspicious is going on. 

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