Home Grown Nuclear Disaster In North Korea

As many of you will know it’s usually very unlikely that we ever hear of North Korea’s nuclear test fails due to their strict policy on what media is allowed in and out of their country. However, this one slipped right through the cracks. Kim Jung-un is very proud and pious when it comes to promoting successful nuclear launches so for us to have such an intimate description of one of their failures is a very rare occasion indeed. 200 nuclear site workers have lost their lives following a very tragic accident at one of Kim Jong-un’s main nuclear testing facilities. This tragedy has shocked their entire nation as well as the rest of the world who are left wondering, just how did this happen? The worst part of it all is that these 200 deaths happened in separate occurrences, we digress.

How Did It Happen?

200 people died after North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test facility was subject to a drastic and terrifying collapse. The first 100 people lost their lives when one of the Punggye-ri site tunnels, which was still under construction at the time, collapsed around them causing devastation all around. A further 100 people were seen subsequently using their best efforts to rescue the multiple casualties in Kim Jong-un’s nuclear testing site’s tunnel but fatally met their end whilst seeking to save lives. This left the nuclear test site in Punggye-ri with a total of 200 fatalities and even more victims.

Worldwide Response

Many foreign experts around the world had previously tried to warn Kim Jung-un that this may happen, alas, no preemptive steps were taken by leadership in North Korea. These experts alerted North Korea to the possibility of a radioactive fallout cloud escaping from the test site and potentially reaching around an entire hemisphere causing detrimental effects to all those whom it is in contact with. This however, did not deter Kim Jung-un in his military progression ambitions.

It was Japan’s TV Asahi who broke the news to the world but whilst they had the bare bones of the tragedy they could not give us answers to the specifics of the accident. TV Asahi could not clarify when exactly the accident happened or pinpoint at what time the sadly, failed, rescue teams went in search of casualties. It is believed that North Korea’s nuclear test on the 3rd of September is to blame for destabilising the facility. The 100-kiloton bomb launch was a staggering seven times more powerful than that of Hiroshima which we saw the effects of during WW2. Experts reveal that this launch without a doubt, altered the structure and security of the mountain-side test base.

What This Means For North Korea

Experts have found that ever since the launch of the H-bomb back in September a continuing amount of side effects are starting to take place in and around North Korea. These include the smaller earthquakes and unstable nuclear test sites. Whilst this could potentially deter North Korea from seeking to advance in their warfare so head strongly, it also could mean the devastation of towns and innocent lives in and around North Korea. A spokesperson for the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geology and Geophysics warns “Our instruments can detect nuclear fallout when it arrives, but it will be too late by then.”.

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