Alibaba to Invest $15 Billion in Research and Development

E-commerce giant Alibaba has just announced its new plans to invest a massive $15 billion into new research and development projects. The Chinese business is one of the leaders in the industry, helping to transform the way businesses sell and operate. The technology they provide helps businesses and brands to engage with customers all over the world.

According to reports, the extra money that’s been announced will provide extra funds to develop new technology and innovation. It was announced at the company’s annual conference in Hangzhou and is part of Alibaba’s DAMO Academy (“Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook”). Part of the plans include opening seven brand new research labs – two being in China, and others in Singapore, Moscow, Silicon Valley and Seattle.

These new labs will add to Alibaba’s existing research lab in California. The company have also recently opened new data centers in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Middle East in an attempt to boost its cloud technology. Alibaba hopes that it will help them increase their market share and improve its service to businesses.

Alibaba claims that the types of research that will take place in these labs will be for “foundational and disruptive technology”. With the level of investment being provided, there’s massive scope for developments in new technology, including areas like data analysis, artificial intelligence, internet development and quantum computing.

The move could be massively beneficial for businesses. Jeff Zhang, Alibaba’s CEO, has recently stated that “We aim to discover breakthrough technologies that will enable greater efficiency, network security and ecosystem synergy for end users and businesses everywhere” This is great news for both investors and businesses. The extra investment could help to boost the efficiency of businesses globally, as well as create millions of jobs and improve technology and innovation.

The extra investment could really help Alibaba as a business to develop further and increase profits. As a traditional e-commerce firm, the company’s looking to move into the cloud services following the massive success of its rival, internet giant Amazon. Amazon has used its cloud services to increase its profits to over $16 billion this year alone, which is something Alibaba is looking to invest in.  Further investment in data and automated services is needed to help the company to compete in today’s market, and enable Alibaba to offer Al services to attract more customers.

Investment in cloud technology is fast growing, with Amazon Web Services making around $4 billion per quarter. When compared with Alibaba’s cloud profits of around $250 million per quarter, it’s clear to see they have a long way to go to compete with other internet giants. However, the Chinese market growing so fast, and the extra investment in technology Alibaba has a real opportunity to increase its market share and compete globally.

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