What are the deadlines for shipping this holiday season? 

With the busy holiday season approaching, many major retailers have now released their deadlines for shipping. And, the advice is to purchase items as early as possible. 

Black Friday will be here at the end of the month, which is always a hectic time for retailers. This year, supply chain issues and worker shortages could make it even more difficult than normal. 

So, how can consumers prepare for what’s expected to be one of the busiest shopping periods ever without missing out on the items they need? 

Although shopping could be more difficult this year, being organized can ensure you don’t miss out. If you’re ordering online, for example, you should make sure you place any orders in time. 

The good news is, a report by BlackFriday.com shows that this year, there are more delivery options available for consumers – particularly those looking for speedy delivery. 

A lot of major retailers have improved their services for online shopping this year after the pandemic last year left physical stores closed and merchants struggling to make sales. 

Because of this, top retailers are offering free and fast delivery. Target and Walmart are both offering their customers same-day delivery on orders of $35 or more, and Amazon Prime is providing free shipping on many items. 

The 2021 holiday shipping deadlines 

Shipping times this year will be shorter than usual, as Christmas Day falls on a Saturday. UPS, FexEx, and other distribution companies have advised shoppers to plan ahead to make sure they receive their items a few days before this date. 

Anyone shipping with UPSP should aim to send their orders by 18th December if using First-Class delivery or 19th December if using Priority Mail. 

For FedEx, which is the cheaper option, the last date to send packages is 9th December – any later than this, and it may not arrive on time unless you’re willing to use one of the company’s premium options, which costs a lot more. 

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