Major US grocery chains begin rollout of Covid-19 vaccines 

In the US, there have been an unprecedented number of deaths from Covid-19. Although the FDA has now approved the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, some states are struggling with the rollout process, leaving many Americans wondering when they will be vaccinated.

Now, according to various announcements, the largest grocery chains in the country will join the effort, hoping to speed up the process with a huge program that focuses on high-risk groups. 

Which chains are offering the vaccination? 

The logistics of the rollout differs between states. However, a number of major grocery chains have already started administering shots and have their own plans. These include:


America’s leading retailer Walmart has already begun vaccinating its own pharmacists. It will shortly be rolling out a distribution effort focusing on essential workers and older citizens. Consumers can keep an eye on the company’s plans on its website. 


Albertsons, which includes Safeway, Pavilions, Acme, and other stores, started its distribution efforts in Alaska in December. It will continue to provide vaccines at its in-store pharmacies and other non-store sites where necessary. These can be booked online here. 


The Kroger Company, which includes various stores like Fred Meyer, Fry’s, QFC, and Ralphs, hasn’t published an official vaccination plan yet. But, it will be posting updates on its website. 


Publix is the third largest grocery retailer in the US. The company has a limited number of vaccines and are currently preparing to make appointments on an online system. Consumers can get alerts and updates on their website. 

Who will be vaccinated first? 

In guidance posted by the CDC, those eligible in the first phase of the immunization program are healthcare workers and permanent care home residents.

Following this, the second phase will provide vaccinations to other frontline essential workers that aren’t in the healthcare industry, the chain’s own workers, and the over-75s.   

As the vaccines have a limited shelf life, it’s important to make sure they don’t go to waste. This means that, as noted in the government guidelines, any unused doses can be given to those in the next priority group, although this should be avoided if possible.

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