Ryanair’s new loyalty scheme

Ryanair is Europe’s busiest low-budget airline. However, in recent years, it’s seen a lot of bad publicity, including numerous strike and unpopular changes to baggage allowances. Plus, the airline has been voted the worst for customer satisfaction.

But, Ryanair’s bosses are hoping that a newly introduced loyalty scheme could get it back in its customers’ good books. The scheme – “Ryanair Choice” – is a loyalty scheme which offers an array of additional benefits, in the hope that customers are enticed back in large numbers.

What are the benefits?

The scheme costs €199, or £199 to UK customers and comes into effect later this year. It has similar benefits to Ryanair Plus. In addition, it will include the following:

  • Customers will have priority access to the lowest fares;
  • Assigned “standard seating”;
  • Where available, customers will get fast-track airport access;
  • Access to priority boarding;
  • A 10kg checked bag at no extra cost;
  • 24 hour advance notice of up to four sales per year.

Normally, customers have to pay for these additional benefits separately on each flight. Under the scheme, they will be included in a one-off fee.

What does Ryanair say?

Ryanair hopes that Ryanair Choice will boost the number of passengers – with the target being to achieve 100,000 sign-ups in the first year alone.

There have been some criticisms of the scheme, including suggestions that the airline is copying others that have similar “frequent-flyer” schemes at the moment. However this has been rejected by Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs.

In an interview, Kenny Jacobs also commented on the impact that Brexit could have on flights. He said: “The risk of there being no flights remains until the proposal [on UK-EU operations] from Brussels is accepted or the transition agreement is signed.”

He added that it’s unlikely Brexit will be postponed or cancelled; however, he noted: “For Joe Public here in the UK and in Europe, it’s travel as usual.”


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