UK Nuisance Call Ban Comes Into Force

The consistent problem regarding nuisance calls claiming to be about PPI, personal injury or other claims may now be over. These new measures have recently come into force in the UK and are already starting to make a huge difference. With this and the data protection act being revisited and updated, people will now have the choice to opt in to these fads and receiving calls from PPI or personal injury claims. The only injury claim companies, compensation fighters or mis-sold payment protection insurance calls individuals will get are ones they signed up for.

Previous to this change, people were expected to opt out of these services. However, the process to opt out was increasingly difficult, long-winded and a lot of the time, companies didn’t follow through with it. When people opted out of once company’s PPI claims calls, another would be on their case the next day. It was a cycle that had to stop and with ever increasing pressure from the general public, the government has had to make this drastic change to appease the people.

Anyone who is found in breach of these new rules will now be charged up to a whooping £500,000 in fines by the Information Commissioner’s Office, also known as the ICO. These plans are not new news as they were originally commissioned in May and have slowly been implemented over the past few months. In the past 12 months alone, 2.7bn unsolicited text messages, calls and emails were made to unsuspecting and unwilling customers. These stats equate to each adult in the UK receiving 50 calls, texts or emails they never asked for. Definitely annoying the population.

Margot James, the minister for digital spoke out to reporters on the issue saying: “Today we are one step closer to ending the menace of nuisance calls. Our new laws mean people will now have to give consent to receive calls and have the power to choose where they seek compensation for personal injury claims or mis-sold payment protection insurance.” James continues: “This is a big boost for the Information Commissioner’s Office and will help them crack down on the cold-call sharks.”.

The acting managing director of home products and services with the company Which?, Alex Neill closed the report by adding: “While the new rules are welcome, they must be enforced to stop companies flouting the law with these dodgy practices,” Neill said. “The government must also urgently deliver on its promise to hold those responsible personally accountable.”. Neill’s company research showed that over 7/10 people felt as though they had received unsolicited calls just last month and are extremely encouraging of the new ban. People, companies, and the government alike are all cautious of how this will play out, and whether or not claims giants will adhere to the ban or fork out for the fines.

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