Relocation with established firms like AGS Movers pays dividends

International relocation can be a stressful upheaval at the best of times, so using a trusted, experienced and forward-thinking firm like AGS Movers is always going to be a wise choice.

Since their formation in 1974, AGS have grown into one of the international leaders in the sector.

They now help more than 70,000 families relocate every year, and work out of 142 locations in 97 countries worldwide.

That kind of global reach is vital in international removals as it ensures the required network is already in place to ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of a person’s or a company’s belongings.

Their influence in Africa is particularly impressive. Since their establishment in the Seychelles, they are now represented in every African country, which was the key objective in the project “Africa 54” reached in 2016

And their reach is expected to grow further as infrastructure continues to improve on the continent.

Furthermore, the company has continued to grow, hire and invest, despite the difficult economic times seen in the last decade.

They now have more than 4,000 staff, 1,500 vehicles and 233,433m2 of storage capacity.

As AGS’ storage space, number of vehicles and number of employers have all increased, it has allowed them to provide a high-quality service across the globe.

Yet despite their enormous global reach, family identity remains a crucial pillar on which AGS is built.

After being established by André Taïeb in 1974, family members have continued to run the company. Alain Taïeb is now the chairman of the AGS supervisory board, having succeeded his father.

That family link means the company’s history and ethos remains firmly instilled in everything AGS does.

Conversely though, they are by no means a company stuck in the past.

With the ever-increasing awareness of the environment and corporate social responsibility, AGS have teamed up with NGO Planète Urgence in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint while still offering high-quality service.

As part of that commitment, AGS plant a tree after every single international removal.

It is indicative of AGS’ desire to leave as small an environmental imprint in their wake as possible, while it also offers their customers the chance to make a direct contribution in offsetting the carbon footprint left after their move.

In doing so, AGS are the first international removals firm to offer such a direct and tangible contribution to the environment.

They also embrace technology to improve efficiency. When the smartphone app Visio Quote was introduced it was the first of its kind.

Visio Quote can take AGS inside their clients’ homes, giving them advanced knowledge of exactly what needs to be moved.

It is a simple, straight-forward yet effective tool designed to make a stressful process that bit easier, and is the kind of effective forward-thinking  that helps explain why AGS continue to be such a major player in the global removals sector.


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