Britain’s Fastest Growing Supermarkets Revealed

With a phenomenal 16.8% growth by the end of 2017, Lidl and Aldi now share the title of Britain’s Fastest Growing Supermarket. In comparison to the same period last year, both of these supermarkets have grown an insane amount and are deserving of their new title. Just last week Aldi posted a 15% rise in the month of December alone in regards to UK sales across their stores.

Lidl and Aldi the German discounter due now share the title of Britain’s fastest growing supermarket when focused on the last three months towards the end of December 2017. The figures were published on Tuesday by Kantar Worldpanel. In total both of these extremely popular retailers managed to increase their sales by a record 16.8% in comparison to the same period from the year before.

This rise meant that Aldi now has a much bigger share in the entire UK grocery market with a staggering 6.8% increase since 2016. Lidl’s UK grocery market percentage has also increase, though less dramatically from 4.4% in December 2016 to 5% in the December of last year.

Aldi’s success however, is not just in the UK. Whilst posting their 15% rise in UK sales alone last week, it was found their when merging their UK sales with their sales in Ireland, they have now reached above and beyond the £10,000,000,000 for the first time in their history. And this is not just a record for this retailer either! The last year saw the retail sector insolvencies rise for one of the first times in the past five years.

Due to their success in 2017, Lidl have now announced their plans to open a huge new warehouse over in Luton creating an amazing 1,000+ new jobs for its citizens. This warehouse will be the rock in supporting five brand new stores they plan to open all across Greater London.

The head of retail and consumer insight over at Kantar Worldpanel, Fraser McKevitt had the following to say about the ordeal “In some ways Christmas is a tricky time for the discounters: they tend to lose a little market share compared to earlier in the year as many shoppers return to the more traditional supermarkets in search of old favourites.”. He then continues “Rising to the challenge, Aldi and Lidl collectively managed to attract nearly one million additional households during the past three months.”.

Other notable mentions at the back end of last year include Tesco, who, with the emergence and flourish of their express stores in recent years saw a 3.1% rise in their overall UK sales. Experts believe that the ability for these stores to open around Christmas Day with limited Sunday hours saw the Tesco retailer outshine bigger supermarkets as the majority of people wanted to do a shop closer to home over the festive period. Aldi and Lidl have both spoken out to say that they are hoping for a continual rise in sales over the next few years with their focus on expanding their empire and creating new jobs in and around the UK.

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