Secondary Ticketing Websites Coming Under Fire From The Law

New information released by the CMA says that they have found evidence suggesting that some second hand ticket selling websites have in fact been breaching the laws in their country. The UK’s biggest competition regulator has promised to lock down on secondary ticketing websites to combat the recent scandals in the media worldwide.

Last Tuesday the Competition and Markets Authority, also known as CMA, announced that they had completed their thorough research investigation into the said sector and that their results were to be the cause of concern throughout the world.

More specifically, the information that people are given upon purchasing tickets second hand is under scrutiny. The issues that have arose have been widespread and extremely alarming, not only to the websites owners but also the consumers who have been purchasing tickets through such sites.

The CMA suggest that they have uncovered information that will “reveal breaches of the law”. The CMA are going to soon be raising their concerns with a handful of such websites, and say that they will require them to take action where necessary.

It has to be made absolutely clear to consumers  where there are restrictions implemented on using a resold ticket. Some of these implications could be as severe as the customer not being able to attend said event as they will be denied access upon arriving.

“Secondary ticketing websites can offer an important service – by allowing people the chance to buy tickets at the last minute or giving them a chance to resell tickets they can no longer use.” claims the chief executive of the CMA, Andrea Coscelli. “

“But our investigation has identified concerns that the law protecting consumers is being broken… Consumers have the right to know who they’ve bought their ticket from or exactly what seat at the venue they’re getting for their money. We are putting out concerns to these websites and will be requiring the changes necessary to tackle them”

To move forward from this and ensure the safety and protection of each and every consumer, Mr. Coscelli has big plans for change. He quotes “ We will use the full range of our powers to get the right outcome for these sites’ customers – including taking action through the courts if needed.”.


The CMA have kept true to their word and are, as we speak, working very closely with the Advertising Standards Authority and also the National Trading Standards to make sure that each and every second hand ticket selling website complies with these new rules.

Mr. Coscelli has plans for this movement which will put the rights, happiness and safety of every single consumer first. The CMA’s priorities are clear and we can only hope that in recent years we will all see the change we want, hope and strive for.

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